Taking Care of Your Health Care Needs

We offer short, medium and long term staffing solutions in the areas of Live In Care, Companionship, Respite Care, Nursing Home Care, Day Centre Care & Learning Disabilities Support. We also provide cover to institutions such as hospitals and other care providers with our team of highly experienced carers.


Our team of highly trained and experienced carers can provide Live In Care, Learning Disabilities Support, Respite Care, Home Care and can also offer companionship to those in need of assistance in their day to day activities. We also provide carers to institutions such as hospitals and other care providers when they are in urgent need of care assistants to cover their needs.

Live In Care



Live-in care is a great alternative to residential or nursing home care. It offers a wide range of benefits to both the client being looked after and their family or friends. A Live-In Carer or Support Worker can live with you in your home, offering round-the-clock support ensuring that all needs are met.

We can also arrange flexible plans if this helps meet the care needs of the better. This can be achieved by us providing a Live-In Support Worker at times that are specified and have been agreed with the client and their family or primary care provider. 

Our one to one live-in care and help means that you have a customised service from somebody specially selected to meet your needs and get along with you.

Live-in care can be arranged on a permanent basis or for respite and recuperation after surgery or while your primary carer is away or need of a break from care activities.

Learning Disabilities Support

Our Support Workers can engage with people with learning disabilities in a variety of settings. This can be in homes, day care or drop-in centres. They are also experienced and well equiped  to help out with people in hospitals or to visit clients in their homes.

Our learning disability support workers can help in:

  • promoting health
  • promoting well-being


They can work with clients to make sure they can eat well and get enough exercise as well as helping them to deal with hygiene issues. Our support workers are capable of identifying barriers that can be stopping clients from leading fulfilling lives as well as asserting themselves to make sure that, wherever possible, such barriers are removed.

Our support workers are experienced in working with people who struggle to communicate, or who are very withdrawn and do not want to interact with others. Their focus is on responding to the client’s needs and treating them with respect, helping them to live as independently as possible even in a care home setting.

Our support workers are able to make decisions independently when clients need immediate help, and they make the effort to get to know them as people so a relationship of trust can be built.


Our carers provide a companionship service which can involve sharing meals, help with shopping, hobbies and other daily activities .


Social contact and inclussion is important as it can help with one's overall health and mental wellbeing. Our carers can help clients by taking them to their favourite hobbies and engaging with them in their preferred social activities. Our carers can also travel with clients as well as help with shopping and other daily activities which enable one to live and enjoy a good quality of life.

Personal Care

We have a team of care assistants who can work day or night shifts if required. Our experienced and qualified care assistants can provide the following:


  • Respecting the Client’s privacy.
  • Assisting the Client to be independent.
  • Assisting our clients with food and drinks.
  • Providing person centred care for our clients.
  • Assisting with personal care.
  • Maintaining records for each client.

Our aim is to provide the highest standards of care and ensure that all our clients' care needs are met. 

Respite Care

Our respite care service is designed to give the primary carer of a client a break from care duties for a short period of time. We provide nurses and carers to take over the care responsibilities in accordance to the care plan and needs of the client. This is done in the client's own home or their place of residence when the care services are required.


We have a team of nurses and carers all trained to provide the highest standard of care possible. We make sure the person you care for has the right support even if you are not around. 

You can have a few days’ rest safe in the knowledge your loved one is safe and has everything they need. Whether your caring role in need of one of our tailored respite breaks is for disabled people, companionship or condition led care, we are able to support you and provide tailored support to bestsuit your needs.

Home Care

We provide home care services and our carers are trained and experienced in offering Personal care, Medication assistance, Food & Drink preparation as well as Domestic Assistance.


Our carers

  • Visiting clients in their own homes to promote independence and dignity
  • Offer  companionship
  • Assist with shopping visits & social outings

We ensure that our Care Assistant/Support Works have  real passion and desire to provide high quality care. They are also friendly, sympathetic and supportive towards vulnerable adults as well as reliable and flexible.

Arrange Care with Us

If you would like to arrange care with us or use any of our care services please feel free to contact us via telephone on 020 8432 3283 or by filling in the contact us form. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs in detail.


Live In Care Service Includes

  • Looking after a client or your loved one in the comfort of their home.

  • Round the clock care & support from our care assistants.

  • Arrangements for flexible care plans & provisions that best suit your care needs.

  • Providing carers at specified times agreed with the primary care providers.

  • Care being provided on a permanent basis or at selected times to best suit your needs.


Respite Care Service Includes

  • Giving the primary carer of a client a break from care duties for agreed periods of time.

  • Our carers will take over care responsibilities following the patient's care plan and needs.

  • Care is given in the client's own home or place of residence to ensure they remain comfortable with their surroundings.

  • We provide care and support that is tailoured to best cater for your needs.


Learning Disabilities Support Includes

  • Promotion of indepence when possible as well as health & well being.

  • Ensuring that our clients get enough food and drink.

  • Help with exercises and other daily activities.

  • Assistance with hygiene and personal care.

  • Our carers helping identifying and removing barriers that may lead to clients leading less fulfilling lives.


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